Pricing for SaaS startups, LP employee turnover, and More

Stand Out From The Crowd: Tomasz Tunguz, Partner at Redpoint, offers insights into innovation and pricing strategy for SaaS startups. Lindel Eakman explains why employee turnover matters for institutional investors. Melody Koh, on NextView’s Better Everyday blog, examines how to successfully hire new members for your analytics & data science team. Hunter Walk, Partner at […]

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The LP Anti-Portfolio, How Venture Capital Funds Leverage AI and Big Data, Keeping Your Portfolio Page Up To Date

The LP Anti-Portfolio

Lindel Eakman dives into a history of venture capital fund manager evaluations and compiles the (first?) LP Anti-Portfolio. Eze Vidra of VC Cafe analyzes VC deal-sourcing strategies and “How Venture Capital Funds Leverage AI and Big Data”. Hunter Walk leans on his experience at Homebrew and points out the importance of keeping your portfolio page […]

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