May 2, 2018

How to Build a Startup Board / The Current State of Seed Investing / VC-Backed Biotech Ecosystem: A Healthy Quarter

Startup Board

How To Create Great Boards And What Should Boards Do? Maintaining a board is a challenge for all entrepreneurs, but particularly for the first-time founders. Artturi Tarjanne of Nexit Ventures explores the struggle to build a Board and manage it effectively.

Natalie Dillon, investor at SusaVentures, writes about the typical size and traits of seed startup funding rounds: The average startup raising a seed round is 3 years old, seed deal sizes set records in 2018, while the number of deals is declining.

Any biotech exec in the business of drug and device development will agree, it is a great period for biotech funding these days. Bruce Booth, partner at Atlas Venture, takes a loot at the venture funding boom in Biotech.