November 8, 2018

Naxtrack News: Nobody Reads Powerpoints / SaaS Business Model and Metrics / Reasons for Stagnating Business Growth

SaaS Business Model and Metrics

Paul Jozefak uncovers why no one wants to read your PowerPoint presentation in “Nobody Reads Powerpoints”. In another post he shares his advice on financing pitfalls for founders during cap table restructurings.

David Skok of Matrix Partners, in an awesome series of WebSummit 2018 presentations, takes a deep dive into the SaaS Business Model and Metrics provides a roadmap for B2B Founders.

What are the key performance metrics that VC look for in startups? Andrew Chen, Partner at A16Z, shares practical advice in this ultimate startup metrics guide.

Bad conversion ratio? Are you lacking sales skills or product skills? Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint aims to answer your questions around stagnating business growth.